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Eight grandparents who are all entertainers have banded together to form The Grandparents Club – a social media hub where they share stories, music, and jokes with the grandparent and parent community at a time when grandparents are feeling so isolated from their grandkids. 

The Grandparents Club are:

Poppa Tony | Nanna Maggie  | Poppa Calvin | Nanna Kokil | Poppa Pat | Nanna Tiang | Nanna Patti | Poppa Vinod 


"Hey There" - First music release for The Grandparents Club

Hey There song
Tony Williams 
Poppa Tony
The Grandparents Club
Missing Grandkids

Release Date - 14 April 2020


The GrandParents Club - First record release ...

Tony Williams (Australia Recording Industry Award (ARIA) nominee, Golden Guitar nominee) is part of the Grandparents Club and has written a wonderful, funny and joyous song called ‘Hey There’ (ABC music) and is out now (Tuesday 14 April, 2020).

Produced by John Field (songwriter for over 400 songs for The Wiggles), Tony (Poppa Tony) says of the song: ‘In these extraordinary times I was wondering how other grandparents might be feeling being cut off from their grandkids, and also how grandkids, who can’t see their nannas and grandads are  feeling. 

I know personally how this feels as my grandson Max lives in Austria. So the song and emotions came naturally to me. I wanted to write a song that was heartfelt, but also uplifting; to share that this is only for a time, and that things will get better.’

The song will be released in tandem with a video that was recorded during home isolation.

The entertainers behind The Grandparents Club are all still performing, or were until the lockdown of live work and events happened. They are all musicians, vocalists and comedians who decided it was time to bring some light into a lonely world. 

This is not just about the Grandparents. This has an intergenerational impact on the whole family who now have no day care, child care or schools available for their children. Parents are now working and caring for their families at home trying to cope with what is now the new normal. 

The Club have been recording poignant and very touching messages on their iPhones in isolation and sharing insights into their own lives as grandparents.  Tips on things like staying fit in isolation and how to stay in touch with the grandkids through technology are also shared with hilarious results – watch here. Some of The Grandparents Club cast are a little more technically adept than others when it comes to the selfie! 

Maggie Scott (Nanna Maggie) says: ‘Music is the great ‘connector’ and over the years you get to meet so many other great musos and entertainers during your travels. As some of us began to chat we realised that we were grandparents and whenever the subject of our grandkids would come up the volume of the conversation rose with laughter and enthusiasm. It seemed so important to us that at a time when all grandparents are feeling isolated from our grandkids we should share some music, laughter and stories back to all the grandparents out there. We want to bring smiles during these lonely and confusing times.’ 

The Grandparents Club label, which is distributed through ABC Music (Australia)| Universal, is full to the brim with song writers and vocalists and looks forward to releasing a lot more music over the coming months. John Field has written The Grandparents Club theme and will be doing a lot more writing for the Club in the coming months, as well as hearing some of the great songs by the cast.

Natalie Waller, Head of ABC Music and Events says, ‘ABC Music is very proud to be releasing the first single from The Grandparents Club. At a time when grandparents are feeling so isolated, we know that The Grandparents Club will bring them joy through laughter, real connection and of course, music. ‘Hey There’ is a song written and performed by Poppa Tony Williams and captures the sentiments of all grandparents in such a joyous way, and we know that grandparents around the world will love it.’

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